Corporate nationwide events

DMGC Events will meet with you to review your goals and expectations for your company, then come up with an event that helps achieve that goal. Our events can be anything from a destination trip to a monthly prize giveaway. We can also provide tracking and event updates via website or email direct to participants. We can do anything you need to help manage the event from start to finish. 

In today's business there is always competition that is trying win over your accounts, so what are you doing to keep them out? 

Staying engaged with your clients is hard to do one at a time, and that’s why you need a customer focused event. Try what we call a “Think Tank”. You take about 20-30 of your top customers and invite them to a weekend getaway. These weekends have a few hours of meetings each day along with a fun activity. When done right, you will increase relationships with key customers, which results in both increased revenue and profits.  

Customer Focused Events

It is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer.

(White House Office of Consumer Affairs)

Maybe you’re in customer acquisition mode, we can help with that too. Let’s get a couple hundred customers together and host a mini EXPO that showcases all you have to offer. Or maybe a golf tournament? 

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DMGC Events will meet with you to discuss what you're trying to accomplish and come up with a game plan to achieve your goals while staying in budget. From that point on, you will be assigned one point of contact to ask about everything. Something changes? No problem, just tell us and we will modify the plan to fit your needs.   

The top three benefits of Employee to Employer relationships

are Productivity, Employee Loyalty, and Conflict Resolution. 

Show your appreciation by recognizing your top performers

with an employee incentive. We can help you build something that provides the ROI numbers you are looking for.

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Employee engagement is not a survey sent out by HR or the manager knowing everyone’s name in order to say hello in the morning. They’re about relationships between your employees and management. Finding the right event can help build trust and stronger communication, which both lead to increased productivity that will exceed goals.

39% of employees feel underappreciated at work, with 77% reporting that they would work harder if they felt better recognized.

Employee engagement events

We provide hotel and travel arrangements, airport meet and greet services, food and beverages, registration, audio & visual, venue search and site selection, on-site staff and management, print collateral, guest speaker/emcee, themed décor, welcome gifts, and anything else you need. 

Whatever the type of meeting, DMGC Events will tailor it to your company's needs. We can do all business or mix in some fun. Have you ever had a team meeting from the rooftop of an ocean front house? Or maybe a weekend retreat to wine country? Nothing wrong with an atmosphere you can enjoy after the meeting is over.

This is a modern world we live in and meetings in a relaxed environment result in better engagement making your attendees participants. When the entire team participates, it helps build Trust which is the foundation of a strong team.

A Microsoft Office Survey listed the top 3 time wasters as ineffective meetings, unclear objectives, and lack of team communication

Corporate meetings

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