Corporate nationwide events

I spent many years working in corporate America surrounded by people who didn’t like their job and had the “is it Friday yet?” attitude. As I climbed the ranks, I used my position to start changing this mindset to "why can’t we enjoy being at work? why can’t this be fun?" I started creating contests with winners from each department and setting goals that hit company numbers. Once these numbers were hit, the trip more than paid for itself, we achieved our goals,  and we had employees talking about an amazing trip all year.

The results of these trips forged new relationships across departments that built trust, improved communications, quicker response times, and a stronger team which made it easier to achieve those lofty goals each quarter. Soon I started hosting company retreats, think tanks, trade shows, annual c-level meetings, holiday parties, charity benefits, training seminars, and vendor lunches. What I realized was that all these events provided me an opportunity to change the way people viewed the company, like meetings with participation, holiday parties that people looked forward to all year, and think tanks that built customer relationships which normally would have taken years to produce. I can say that we had an amazing team that out produced any competitor and always hit our goals. No one was asking if it was Friday yet, every day was Friday.

That’s why I started DMGC Events. I believe that if an event is done right you can improve employee morale along with building relationships with clients that feel more like partnerships. I would love the opportunity to create an experience for you, your employees, and your clients.

our CLIENTS kind words

why we do what we do

There is nothing more gratifying than creating an experience for a client during an event. A lasting impression that they will remember for a lifetime, a story to be told about how good of a time they had.

"Whenever Art coordinated an event, I looked forward to attending. He is detail oriented, creative and hard working. He always went out of his way to make sure everyone was engaged and enjoying themselves. If you are looking for an event planner, Art is your guy."

          -- E. Schuber

​ "I have participated in events over the last 10 years that Art has planned to perfection and I can not recommend his company enough. Thanks for the years of awesome work!"

          --C. Zaruba