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in the city where experience avenue meets passion boulevard is a street corner we like to call success. If you can't see yourself standing there yet, let us show you the way.

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If you’re an exhibitor or the host, we are experienced in full design, execution, and management of trade shows.

Company Picnics, Block Parties, Milestone Birthdays, or group vacations. We let you join in the fun. 

​​Annual company party, think tanks, incentive trips, golf outings launch party, team building, training seminars

executive briefings.

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we work to make you look good

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We are a Full Service Corporate Event Planner. Our experience comes from 15 years of marketing and events for  fortune 500 manufacturers like HP, Dell, IBM, Intel, and Lenovo. We create events that help your business grow and produce strong return on investment numbers to justify the spend . Yes, we will produce an amazing event for you but where we are different is that we think beyond the event and how it will impact your business moving forward. Our goal is to help increase your business through events to create a long lasting partnership between you and DMGC Events.

Whether you have a budget or need help coming up with one, DMGC Events is a budget conscious company. Once the budget has been established we stick with it. While the cost is the same, the value you receive is a professional corporate event planning team and your employees’ time back.